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AAC Solutions that Support Success

Enabling individuals with disabilities to achieve independent communication

Discover your Resources Network

The AAC Resources Network is an innovative alliance of companies and organizations offering you the industry’s most comprehensive range of products, services, and solutions for assistive technology and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).

The Network links organizations driven by their commitment to the life-changing and proven power of AAC.

What Network Members Share:

  • Dedication to the practice and process of AAC
  • Proven products and services for AAC Users of All Ages
  • Professional staff trained and experienced in applying AAC in the real world
  • Appreciation of the critical role of clinical and education professionals
  • Commitment to evidence-based clinical practice
  • Support for parents and family members and their role in successful communication
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PRC is a global leader in AAC solutions for people with speech disabilities. From our U.S. headquarters and subsidiary companies in the UK, Germany and Australia we serve AAC clients in more than 25 countries. Nearly 50 years ago PRC pioneered the use of technology to improve the lives of people with communication challenges. Today our solutions are enabling thousands of children and adults each year to achieve independent and interactive communication regardless of age or disability.

AAC Communication Solutions

Our communication solutions offer advanced functionality and user-friendly features, making communication fast and easy. Featuring the Accent™ 1200, Accent™ 1000, Accent™ 800, Words for Life™ NOVA and a popular suite of iPad apps based on the Unity® language system.

Image Accent Devices

The most Powerful, Flexible Vocabulary Programs

PRC is the home of Unity®, a unique vocabulary system that uses a small set of easy-to-recognize pictures combined in short sequences to produce words, phrases, and sentences. PRC also offers Essence™, a simple yet powerful word-based system for literate clients and WordPower, the popular word-based generative language system developed by Inman Innovations.

World-Class Support for AAC

PRC is committed to supporting families, clinicians and consumers on the path to communication. We offer funding services, webinars, therapy content, technical support and access to a national network of speech-language pathologists and special educators with years of experience in the effective implementation of AAC technology for children and adults.

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At Saltillo we strive to provide the most effective assistive technology products along with comprehensive support, training and services. Originally known for our work in the handheld portable market, we’ve expanded our offering to include a full-range of AAC solutions. Regardless of which Saltillo device you find most appropriate, our goal is to make personal communication possible for individuals who are unable to use their natural voice.

Image of NOVA Devices

Saltillo communication solutions include NOVA chat 5, NOVA chat 8, NOVA chat 10 and the newest addition to the NOVA family, the NOVA chat 12. All models run our powerful “Chat” software and include multiple vocabularies like WordPower 24, 42, 48 (Spanish), 80, 108 and MultiChat 15, to name a few. In addition to our line of dedicated communication solutions we also offer TouchChat, a full-featured communication app for the iPad as well as ChatWrap, an amplification case for the iPad.

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The AAC Language Lab is a comprehensive online resource for clinicians, teachers, and parents to support language development and promote communication through AAC at school, work, and home.

Can-Do Kids Image

AAC Language Lab supports clinical practice and education through learning tools and resources for the six stages of language development. Lesson plans aligned to Common Core Standards, mobile lesson plans, the “Let’s Talk AAC” blog, Can-Do Activity cards, fun family activities, and more than 70 books are available.

An annual subscription provides full access to all materials with new content available every month.

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A full vocabulary AAC language app for iPad created primarily for non-verbal children with autism. LAMP Words for Life combines the power of Unity® language with the Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) therapeutic method.

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TouchChat app is a full-featured communication solution for individuals who have difficulty using their natural voice. TouchChat is designed for individuals with autism, Down Syndrome, ALS, apraxia, stroke, or other conditions that affect a person’s ability to use natural speech.

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Dedicated to improving the language and communication skills of individuals with autism, the Center for AAC & Autism is an innovative resource serving clinicians, therapists, and parents.

The Center develops and promotes the use of Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP.) LAMP is a proven therapeutic approach for individuals with autism based on neurological and motor learning principles. The Center also offers professional training and LAMP certification programs.

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Realize Language™ is a breakthrough web-based service that gives parents and professionals tools to monitor and improve a child or adult’s use of an AAC device.

How Realize Language Works Graphic

Realize Language seamlessly collects, organizes and displays device data and presents the results in easy-to-understand graphic formats. For the first time parents, teachers, and therapists can access actual AAC communication outside the therapy session and better support independent communication.

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Interacting with others when you can’t speak can feel overwhelming. Get the information and hands-on experience you need to open up the world of communication with AAC.

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